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Winter Field Day 2024


During the last weekend of January (27th & 28th) the Antietam Radio Association will participate in Winter Field Day, which is modeled after ARRL's own Field Day, that takes place during the last weekend of June. For official rules and further information, check out the official Winter Field Day page!

We have several members who are inclined to spend this very cold part of the year outdoors making radio contacts... but there is always room for more!

Last year Nelson Sollenberger, KA2C, hosted our first attempt at Winter Field Day on his farm in nearby Pennsylvania, and we owe him a great big "thank you!" This year, we have changed our venue to the Hagerstown Community College campus. We would like to extend our gratitude to the those at the College who made the use of the beautiful campus possible! We have also requested the Emergency Communication Trailer from Washington County, and it looks like that too was approved. We will have limited access to some inside facilities, such as the facilities, and maybe an area where we can keep a coffee pot running, and a where we can warm up.

According to the the ARA meeting of December 5, we are planning to use the Em Comm trailer for phone, and maybe digital operations, and CW operations in separate trailer. Of course, things are always subject to change at any time.

FOR ANYONE WHO MAY WANT TO DO VHF/UHF: There is a large multiplier for contacts on the VHF bands (2 M, 6 M, 70 CM, etc...), so if you have an interest in that, please let an Steve, Nelson, or an officer know

We will update this page as we get more information.

UPDATE ONE: December 13, 2023