As is customary, we will have drinks/dinner at the Am Legion July 16 (3rd tues), beginning at 5PM;

no meeting is scheduled for 7pm

JFK Ultramarathon Thank You

On November 18 members of the Antietam Radio Association  (ARA)  and other amateurs stepped forward to support the annual JFK 50 Mile Run. Twenty-nine amateurs provided communications support along the fifty mile course over Washington County Maryland roads, the Appalachian Trail and the C&O Canal NP. They were: K2AVA, NI2W, AB3RD, KB3FJN, WA8EIH, KD3JK, KB3MUN, WA1ZZQ, NR3H, KC3TDC, W3PDW, N3ODE, K3MMM, W3OS, KB3GFV, W3ADD, KC3OTN, KB7THL, AB3E, KC3TDC, KC3OCQ, KB3ZV, KB3JRI, W3GTL, KB3SRT, N3AWP, KC3EFA, WD3A AND WB4TLP.Total time on station for all volunteers was 216 hours.

The ARA has been providing communications support to the JFK since the late 1970s. The ARA also provides communication support for the HARC annual hike along the C&O Canal and the annual Ft. Ritchie triathlon. Not only is communication support provided for these events but they also provide valuable training opportunities for use during emergencies.

Thank you to all of those who helped support this event.

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