Winter Field Day Update 1

As we approach more details are getting finalized for Winter field day we will continue to post updates. Below is the current information. This may change

  • Operating Class is 3M - We will be operating 3 rigs in the mobile Category
  • Operations with be conducted in the EmComm Trailer and another enclosed trailer. Both should have heat
  • Rough Schedule
    • Fri AM EmComm trailer arrives (arranged by Butch)
    • Fri 2 PM (setup Emcomm trailer, spiderbeam, lighttower, 80/40 inverted vee)
    • Sat 9 AM (continue setup – 6m/2m/70cm antennas – CW trailer and antennas – laptops,..)
    • Sat 2 PM (start of contest)
    • Sun 2PM (end of contest and teardown)
  • Antennas
    • EmComm 
      • Spiderbeam for 20/15/10 with triplexer for multiple rigs simultaneously
      • 80/40 inverted vee
      • 6m/2m/70cm (this is still in discussion)
    • CW Trailer
      • 80/40 Vertical
      • R5 Vertical for 20/15/10

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