As is customary, we will have drinks/dinner at the Am Legion July 16 (3rd tues), beginning at 5PM;

no meeting is scheduled for 7pm


Every year the Antietam Radio Association supports local organizations for communication needs during their organization's special events -- Why not just use a cellphone, anyway? That is a great, and very valid question! 

Many of the areas in which many of events take place are well outside of decent cell phone coverage, so the ARA volunteers its time and equipment to help ensure that communications get from point A to point B -- every time.

If you feel that we may be able to help you and your Organization, simply complete the form below to get in contact with someone from the ARA who can explain what we may be able to do to assist with your organization's communications needs.

Past Events

  • Fort Ritchie Triathalon
  • JFK Marathon
  • Steam fest at HCC
  • Table at Wings and Wheels
  • Mummers Parade
  • HARC Hike
Americas/New York
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