As is customary, we will have drinks/dinner at the Am Legion July 16 (3rd tues), beginning at 5PM;

no meeting is scheduled for 7pm

Field Day

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Every year on the fourth full weekend in June the ARRL hosts a nation wide event where more than 40,000 ham radio operators setup antennas to demonstrate ham radio's science, skill and service to our communities and our nation. The goal of this event is to contact as many other field day stations as possible and to learn how to operate the radio in non optimal conditions. The event runs from 1800 UTC Saturday through 2059 UTC Sunday (2:00PM Saturday - 4:59PM Sunday).  Antietam Radio Association Field Day operations will end at 2:00PM on Sunday.

The Antietam Radio Association will operate a GOTA station or Get On The Air station which allows someone without their license or Hams wanting training in new modes or frequency bands to gain experience operating an Amateur radio station.  We also have a dinner that the club provides to welcome new members and people from the public to learn more about Amateur radio.  

Please come join us at this event or any other event and if you have any questions please reach out to one of the members of the club.

CLICK HERE for the official rules and ARRL operating procedures for Field Day.

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