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Annual ARA Elections

The ARA holds its officer elections each Spring; the President appoints a Nominating Committee chairman, who opens the nominations in March; they remain open throughout March and April, and we usually close nominations just minutes before we hold the election during the first meeting of May.

Please consider nominating yourself or a fellow member to one of the several positions during this open nomination period -- our club is rich with talent of various types of expertise and levels of ability.

If you are interested in throwing your hat into one of the rings, please see the the nominating chairman before or after a club meeting, or you may email meeting.

(The nominating committee chairman for 2024 is Garry Laing, W3GTL. He may be emailed at GTLAING@YAHOO.COM.)



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something special!

Whether you're “old-timer” or are brand new to amateur radio, the Antietam Radio Association is a great place to meet new people and learn more about the art, science and skill of Amateur Radio. Being part of a club increases the enjoyment you will get from the hobby, so with that in mind, if you are within the regional Hagerstown area, join us!

Membership is not required to attend meetings; they are open to all who are interested.

If you are not located within a reasonable distance, we still encourage you to find a club close to you… a good starting point is the ARRL’s club search (the ARRL is the Amateur Radio Relay League, which is the National Association for Amateur Radio).

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