Starting with EZNEC by KA2C

A Presentation by Nelson Sollenberger

EZNEC is now free, and available for download at

eznez snip.png

Nelson Sollenberger gave a very informative presentation to the membership of the Antietam Radio Association during the March Activities Meeting covering use of EZNEC, specifically related to the HAM Community. He was also kind enough to provide a PDF version of his Powerpoint presenation for use on W3CWC.ORG…..

We also have a link directly to his site, as well as one that takes us directly to some of the .EZ files (those that are used with EZNEC) that he used during the presentation, along with many more!

To enjoy and learn the most from this presentation we suggest that you open the PDF presentation (MAIN) and the associated sound file (AUDIO) by using the RIGHT CLICK method, and opening each file in a separate window or tab. This procedure works with Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Microsoft browsers.



Click to visit Nelson’s site main page

Click for a more direct route to download EZNEC files