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Goodbye Old Website

w3cwc.PNGSince we put a website up back in the early 2000s, the home domain has always been W3CWC.ORG -- the site has gone through a few hiccups over the decades, but W3CWC.ORG has been a good place for the ARA to hang it's hat!

Many of you know that the club membership recently approved the addition of a new domain name and site re-design to our current  repertoire. The new domain, "ANTIETAMRADIO.ORG" was envisioned as a step to help those who are completely new to Amateur Radio, and might not yet understand the importance of the characters, "W3CWC, or what they represent. Consider the new domain name as an attempt at improving our brand.

The site re-design has been going fairly well, and the time has come for us to the transition to our new website here at That means that all new updates to the page will be placed at this site, and that the old site will no longer be updated. Both domains will remain active, and in time, both will point to this page.  The old website can be visited at, and the old,  old website can be visited at We have been working hard to build this website better and with room for expansion. We are hoping to complete the full domain switch by the end of October, 2023. Or that is the goal. Improvements that have come with this new domain include,  but are not limited to:

  • email 
  • availability of member posts
  • file sharing

If you would like to create a post on the website please create an account on the website and let us know by emailing; if you are a current member we can set it up so that you can post updates.

We hope you enjoy the new website and will let us know if you find any issues or something you would like improved, or if you have any suggestions as to new features. All suggestions will be evaluated as to their feasibility. It is your website, just like it is your club.

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