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Since we put a website up back in the early 2000s, the home domain has always been W3CWC.ORG – the site has gone through a few hiccups over the decades, but W3CWC.ORG has been a good place for the ARA to hang it’s hat!

Many of you know that the club membership recently approved the addition of a new domain name, ANTIETAMRADIO.ORG and a site re-design to our current repertoire. The website committee envisioned the new domain as a small step toward helping those who are completely new to Amateur Radio, and might not understand the importance of the characters, “W3CWC” or what that group of characters represent. Consider the new domain name as an attempt at improving our brand.

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New Site Running

The site re-design has gone well, and the time to transition to our new website is here – that means that all new updates to the page will be placed at the new site, and that the W3CWC.ORG will no longer be updated.

Both domains will remain active, and in time (probabaly during Veteran’s Day weekend), both “W3CWC.ORG” and “ANTIETAMRADIO.ORG” will land on the same content (web page).

The old website can be visited at https://antietamradio.org/W3CWC-2021-2023/ and the old, old website can be visited at https://www.antietamradio.org/W3CWC-Pre-2021/. Neither is perfect, and until I have had a look at all of the code for all of the pages, you may find yourself being redirected to W3CWC.ORG (which will want to send you back to the new site.) Sorry about that. This is only a temporary solution which will be corrected in the relatively near future.

We have been working hard to build the new website with the future in mind. Improvements that come with this new domain include, but are not limited to:

  • Email
  • Members able to post
  • File sharing

We hope you enjoy the new website and will let us know if you find any issues or something you would like improved, or if you have any suggestions as to new features. All suggestions will be evaluated as to their feasibility. It is your website, just like it is your club.

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All posts under the following ARA logo will refer back to old site, and will no longer be updated.

For the most up-to-date information please navigate to ANTIETAMRADIO.ORG

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Design of New Site Underway

see it at www.antietamradio.org

During the last ARA meeting, the website committee received permission to add a new domain for the Antietam Radio Association, antietamradio.org. They also received approval to move the site – slowly but surely – from the domain of W3CWC.ORG to ANTIETAMRADIO.ORG.

Don’t worry, however; W3CWC.ORG will remain and be updated as usual while the new site is being designed and constructed.

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TailgateFest 2023

takes place on September 9, 2023

View/Download 2023 Tailgate Fest flyer

The Antietam Radio Association is bringing back the fall Tailgatefest this year, which is a great opportunity for members (and non-members alike) to find that niche piece of equipment they’ve been looking for, or to pass along their own equipment once it has served its purpose in their shack.

The event takes place at the Maugansville Bible Brethren Church in Maugansville, MD – just off of I-81.

View and/or Download the recently completed and posted flyer!

2023 Great Hagerstown Hamfest

... a summary

By all accounts, this season’s ARA hamfest was very successful; as we were selling tickets to the event, I noticed that the parking lot was almost completely full. Not just some of the time, but almost all of the day!

As the forums were drawing to a close, and the auction began, it too seemed to be relatively successful.

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70cm Repeater For Sale

... asking $200

Steven Feld, WB2GSL, has a complete Kenwood 70 cm repeater for sale; Steven is asking $200.00 for the entire unit, which includes the equipment rack.

Steven purchased this repeater a few years ago at a police auction, but has never actually used/had it on the air. He does say that it seems to be in very good condition.

If you are interested please contact Steven via email at ksf11@verizon.net.

ARA Activities Meeting Cancelled!

Better safe than sorry...

The Antietam Radio Association (ARA) Activities meeting, originally scheduled for November 15, 2022 was recently cancelled due to inclimate weather/hazardous driving conditions. Following that same approach, the pre-meeting social that is usually held before the Activities meeting is also cancelled.

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JFK Ultramarathon Fast Approaching!

The 60th Annual JFK Ultramarathon will be held November 19, 2022; the race will start promptly at 6:30 AM and runs for a duration of 13 hours.

As in many years past, the Antietam Radio Association provides complete communications support during the race. All positions for this year’s race have been filled. For more in-depth reading of all of the details about this major event, visit https://www.jfk50mile.org/details/.

2022 HPM Special Event

... in honor of ARRL co-founder Hiram Percy Maxim

September 2 through September 5, 2022 – special event honoring the 153nd Anniversary of the birth of ARRL co-founder, Hiram Percy Maxim.

Special Call Sign W3HPM

Seeking volunteers to help make this year a successful event!

Click here for a copy of the sign-up sheet and suggested script!

We plan on operating 20, 40, and 80 meters on phone, or CW on any band. As is customary, you will keep a log of your contacts to aid in fulfilling the QSL requests. Operate from your home QTH!

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