As is customary, we will have drinks/dinner at the Am Legion July 16 (3rd tues), beginning at 5PM;

no meeting is scheduled for 7pm

Cramfest 2024

Future Ham Radio Operator!

Thank you for inquiring about getting your Ham Radio license!

The Antietam Radio Association (ARA) will be sponsoring training for the Technician Class Amateur (Ham) Radio license this winter (January - March 2024) culminating in a “CramFest” over the weekend of March 8-10, 2024. CramFest is just like it sounds: It is an intense study session starting Friday evening from 6 to 9 PM and continuing all-day Saturday and then Sunday morning.  Sunday afternoon you will take your license exam all at the same location!

CramFest weekend is intended to teach someone with little or no knowledge of Ham Radio the answers to enough questions to pass the Technician license exam. However, the ARA program also provides optional self-study and instructor-led virtual study sessions prior to the CramFest weekend.  This more structured approach will teach you more about Ham Radio and make taking the license exam much easier!

Our training uses the Gordon West Technician training manual, and we recommend you start reading the study guide as soon as you can, then attend our study sessions Thursday evenings from 7-9 PM beginning February 8th, 2024 (ending February 29th, 2024).  During the study sessions, we’ll cover topics from the exam and answer any questions you may have.  We’ll even demonstrate radio operations so you can see Ham Radio in action!

If you’d like to join our training program, please sign up on our registration page For more information contact us at