As is customary, we will have drinks/dinner at the Am Legion July 16 (3rd tues), beginning at 5PM;

no meeting is scheduled for 7pm

For Sale

Welcome to the ARA for sale section on the website. Below is a list of equipment that members have for sale. If you are interested please contact the members directly via the information below. We do our best to keep this list accurate and apologize if something that is listed is no longer for sale. 

Items for sale

Date Listed Name Callsign Contact Information Brand of equipment Model of Equipment Price Frequencies Type Description
1/3/24 Jon Smith adc123 2408675309 Test Test 100 UHF
Description of your item for sale. links to websites suggested
1/4/24 Greg Betz KC3TDC 2408675309 yaesu ft-65 200 UHF
this is just another test

Have something for Sale

Only Current members of the ARA are able to post items for sale. Login in the bottom right corner of the site and navigate to Members only > For Sale Posting to post your items. For Sale Posting